Interested In Adopting The Shan?

As members of the Body of Christ, everyone can take part in their respective role in reaching the Shan for Christ. If you feel God is calling you to go, send, pray or adopt the Shan, then click on the associated button below and send us an email, so we can get you involved. We look forward to seeing God raise up a network of people around the world committed to the Shan!

Click here if you would like to go to Thailand on one of our short-term trips, or if you are interested in being a long-term missionary to the Shan.
Click here if you would like to financially support the short-term teams and missionaries currently serving in Thailand.
Click here if you would like to get prayer updates on how you can effectively pray for the Shan.
Click here if your church or an organization you are a part of is considering adopting the Shan.

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